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Graphic novels brought to you through the efforts
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by Tydrian

A young scientist finds himself in a conflict that started 250 years ago as he is pursued on the suspicion that he is decended from a goddess. Juichi starts his journey accross the world as he tries to find the truth about the past, restore color to his dull world, and return his city back to its orignal place in Heaven.
Recommended 16+ for Blood and Suggestive Themes

by Ans LOD

Whether it's sharing your space at school with someone who drives you nuts, or surviving the day while your best friend constantly makes it more difficult, life's all the same in Roxy City. Laugh it up with Conrad, Titus, Arleen, Teri, Sasha, Kari, and Vince as you come to understand life in the Furhole.
Recommended 16+ for Suggestive Themes

Metal Kitty

by Metal Kitty

After the discovery of his own demonic heritage, Metal is in constant conflict against evil forces to protect and preserve a peaceful life he once had, and longs for.
Also includes There Goes the Neighborehood!
Recommended 16+ for Blood and Suggestive Themes
Moonlit Lightning

by Moonlit Lightining

Sky awoke one morning to find out her job is gone, her friends have forgotten her, and that she has turned into a cat. Sky must regain the trust of her allies and convince them of the truth about their altered reality.
Recommended 13+ for Blood


A Meowth runs away from his trainer to have fun on his own adventures!
Recommended 7+